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Our Wall of Thai Groceries

We stock almost everything you need for Asian cooking, specifically Thai. Tamarind paste, fried shallots, palm sugar, shrimp paste, lime stone paste, pandan, tom yum paste, laksa paste, chilli jam, sambal oelec, dried chilli, tapioca pearls and starch and every sauce imaginable. We promote authentic Thai brands, the same brands we use in our cooking here at My Thai Kitchen.

Our Chefs are happy to help with any questions you have about ingredients and Asian cooking. Looking for something in particular, drop in or call and ask.

Curry Pastes

Nothing beats and an authentic Thai Narm Prik (curry paste). From the master paste of Red curry to the subtle flavours of Gaeng Massaman, Maesri is an home style recipe created in central province of Nakonpathom, Thailand. The Maesri Brand contains no animal product what so ever and is the only choice for vegetarians and vegans. Mae Ploy is a little milder for those that are sensitive to chilli.

Some of the many brands we stock!

  • Maesri
  • Mae Ploy


Sauces to Thai food is like paint to an artist, each one brings a unique flavour, depth and colour to the dish. From the must haves master sauces such as fish sauce, soy sauce and oyster to specialised sauce such as Kecap manis (caramelised soy sauce), vegetarian soy sauce and Sriracha chilli sauce.

Some of the many brands we stock!

  • Megachef: Fish Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Gluten Free Soy Sauce
  • Squid Brand: Premium Fish Sauce
  • Mae Krua Oyster Sauce, Changs Gluten Free Oyster Sauce , Lee Kum Kee Vegetarian Oyster Sauce
  • Healthy Boy Mushroom Sauce
  • ABC Kecap Manis
  • Golden Mountain Sauce 
  • Double Phoenix Chineese Rice Wine
  • Mae Ploy: Sweet Chilli Sauce, Thai Style Salad Dressing Cock Brand Siracha Sauce, Aroy D Sukiyaki Sauce.
  • Plenty more in store!

Coconut Cream

An essential ingredient in Thai curries, soups and stir fries, only the finest quality coconut cream will do. We highly recommend coconut cream and use Aroy-D, Chaokoh and Kara. Made to the highest standard, Aroy-D was awarded the top prize in a blind taste contest among top chefs in Thailand. Aroy-D is the premium choice used by chefs, restaurants and home cooks, it is famous throughout Thailand.

Some of the many brands we stock!

  • Aroy-D
  • Kara

Rice & Noodles

Thai jasmine rice is recognized around the world as having the finest quality. Jasmine rice has a distinctive jasmine flower scent once cooked, also known locally as Khao Hom Mali. There is no substitute for original Thai jasmine rice, and we recommend serving all Thai dishes with Thai rice. Very aromatic and fresh, all of our jasmine rice is “New Crop” harvest.

We stock Little Angel Brand jasmine rice.


Recreate your favourite Thai dishes at home with our selection of specialty mortar & pestle, woks, wok chans, Kiwi knives, peelers, sticky rice bamboo baskets and steamers and plenty more in store.

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